Program "Active"

Program "Active"

The program is specially designed for active and energetic elderly people. We can help to solve difficulties of their everyday lives.

How to use a cell phone? Probably the biggest problem of elderly people with active lifestyle is using modern technologies, for instance, cell phones. The cell phone we offer is very small, convenient and looks like a pendant. It has a Ukrainian provider SIM card, so that you could contact your relative any time.
How to call for help? The front side of the cell phone has a large SOS button programmed to create communication with our call center. One push on the "panic" button will automatically create two way voice communication with the operator and person could ask for help.
How to get home? Sometimes even healthy elderly people can lost in unknown parts of town or forget their home address. Using a GPS function, our operator can determine location your relative, informs you on his or her location and helps to get home.
The help will come, even if there’s nobody to call for it. If the member of your family will feel bad, fainted and fell, the G- sensor in the pendant will inform our call center operator about the occurring health and life threat.

How does it work?

The price of the “Active” cell phone is — 2400,00 UAH.

  • A cell phone with the "panic" button, two way voice communicator and vibration signal.
  • G-sensor.
  • GPS.
  • The pendant is connected to the 24/7 call center Line 24.
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Extra service: Control phone call

According to your recommendations our operator will call your family member every day at a specified time to check if everything is all right, to remind him or her about pills to take, etc.