Program "Mobile"

Program "Mobile"

The program is specially designed for active and energetic elderly people. We can help to solve difficulties of their everyday lives.

How to use mobile phone for elderly people? Mobile phone for elderly people - is specifically designed for the elderly. It has large, comfortable buttons, simple menu, bright screen, and a built-in flashlight. Mobile phone for elderly has SIM card of Ukrainian mobile operator and in everyday life can be used as a regular cell phone - to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls with a help of Fast Buttons 2-9.

How to call for help? There is a big panic button SOS on the mobile phone’s rear panel, which is set up to call our round the clock call center. One press of alarm button automatically sets the "hands free" communication of а caller with a call center operator.

Program "Mobile" is available all over Ukraine.


How does it work?


Price of the equipment program "Mobile" — 1500,00 hrn.

  • Mobile phone for elderly with large buttons and a "hands-free".
  • "SOS" button is set to 24 hours call center Line 24.
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Extra service: Control phone call

According to your recommendations our operator will call your family member every day at a specified time to check if everything is all right, to remind him or her about pills to take, etc.