Program "Home GSM + phone"

Program "Home GSM + phone"
The program is specifically designed for a wide range of consumers and is suitable for people who are almost never leave home or are often left alone at home.
Call for help should be simple. If an elderly or a disabled person living alone or often stay at home alone, in the cause of a sudden deterioration of health to call for help and tell others about his trouble is coming problem.
With program "Home GSM + phone" the person will always be a special pendant with the "alarm" button bracelet with "panic" button and the Home Station to "panic" button. One push on the " panic " button will automatically create two way voice communication with the operator of call center Line 24. The operator will find out the cause of alarm, inform relatives and, if it is necessary, call for an ambulance.
Even if the person will push on the "panic" button, but can not speak to the operator, the operator will help him.
Phone for your loved ones. Home station is equipped with a SIM card of Ukrainian telecommunications operator, and can be used in everyday life as a telephone for incoming and outgoing phone calls.

How does it work?


Cost of the equipment program "Home GSM + phone" — 1200,00 UAH.

  • Home station with a "panic" button, equipped with a handsfree system.
  • Pendant with "panic" button.
  • Bracelet with "panic" button.
  • SIM-card.
  • Incoming phone calls.
  • Unlimited dedicated to outgoing calls.
  • Home station is connected to the-clock call center line 24.
  • Reception and SOS call processing.
  • Notification of emergency situations of all trustees.
  • Call an ambulance and other emergency services.
  • Verification call "All is well" - 4 times per month.
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Extra service: Control phone call

According to your recommendations our operator will call your family member every day at a specified time to check if everything is all right, to remind him or her about pills to take, etc.